Our concrete contractors use Flowable fill, a Controlled Low Strength (CLS) or Controlled Density Fill (CDF) backfilling material made from gravel, sand and cementitious material with a high consistency of water for a flowable consistency. Flow fill is a self-leveling material designed to fill voids, often with utilities, without requiring tamping or compaction. This will save you money on compaction equipment, labor, and testing allowing your project to move along quickly and efficiently.

Our Flow fill is made on-site so you will always see savings by us billing what we use rather than what is ordered. We also control our water as we pour, this allows us to dry the flow fill up as we reach the top and allows for a quicker set up and asphalt repair on our materials compared with a ready mix pour.


  1. Trench Backfill
  2. Utility cuts (gas & communication lines, sewer and electric)
  3. Grout Mixes
  4. Abandoned sewer lines, tanks, septic or wells
  5. Pipe or conduit encasement
  6. Backfill around manholes
  7. Potholing