As an on-site concrete mixing company, we can change any of these options to make your pour work merely with a quick change to our cutting-edge computer-controlled trucks.

  1. Color – our trucks come with a color box. We are able to make an exact amount of colored concrete using powder mixes. This allows our customers to use more than one color on the same site and reduce cost as by having no waste with expensive colored concrete.
  2. Fiber Mesh – fiber mesh is on the truck, you can add it to any load at any time
  3. Admixtures – air entrainment, water reducer, calcium all ready to go for every load
  4. Interior or Exterior Mixes – able to do both interior and exterior on the same job and change psi or from concrete to flow fill
  5. Slump – not only can you make the concrete more wet, but you can also dry it up as we control the water as it is made
  6. Rapid Setting Concrete – see our page on Road Repair for fast acting, high psi road repair