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Rapid Set® Concrete for Road Repair

On-Demand Concrete offers a range of rapid-setting mixes, including Rapid Set® concrete, to allow you to complete your road repair project quickly. Rapid Set concrete is an extremely fast-acting concrete that obtains 28-day strength in just a few hours. Because of its fast reaction time, the tool of choice is a volumetric truck.

Rapid Set concrete is not a temporary patch. It is a durable product that is warranted for up to 80 years. It’s perfect for Colorado, as it can stand up to any weather and is not affected by salt or mag chloride. It doesn’t shrink like a high early mix that sets fast, but it curls and shrink-cracks due to the high amount of Portland and chemical in the mix.

Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities using Rapid Set concrete for road repair. Need it done quickly? Call us!

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