Custom-Mixed Concrete

Unlike ready mix that allows only one concrete mix per truck, our mobile mixing trucks enable you to get custom-mixed concrete using multiple mixes all from the same truck. Need to pour a driveway and a colored patio in the same day? No sweat. We simply program in the exact amount of color and at the press of a button, you get colored concrete.

Our computer-controlled concrete mixing trucks allow us to control the levels of add-ins and the concrete itself, meaning we can get the exact specifications you need to ensure the custom-mixed concrete meets your expectations. This customization includes:

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We are able to make an exact amount of colored concrete using integral color. This allows us to use more than one color on the same site and reduce costs on very expensive concrete by eliminating waste.

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Interior and Exterior Quality

If you have a unique concrete project that requires interior and exterior pours on the same job site, our computers can control the PSI or switch the mix from concrete to flow fill – whatever you need.

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We can add admixtures like air entraining agents, water reducers, retarders, and accelerators based on the requirements of each pour.

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Fiber Mesh

We keep mesh on every truck ready to be added to any pour when needed.

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We can adjust the water on the fly to increase slump or reduce drying time depending on the project and situation.

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We can use specialty rock, sand, or Portland and change color or ingredients to create a custom flatwork look with our versatile trucks.

Paying for time and fuel for multiple trucks and short loads adds up quickly. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of using custom-mixed concrete from On-Demand Concrete.

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