Able to use our volumetric on-site concrete mixing trucks as a mobile batch plant to rural areas or high production sites. This benefits our clients by eliminating wait time from many trucks due to backlog and traffic.

  1. Consistency of product as same truck is batching using our cutting-edge computer technology to handle nearly any type of mix design needed
    Fresh Concrete – exact water/cement ratio is exact. Never need to old water to an old mix and reduce strength. Peak strength due to the freshest concrete.
  2. Remote Job Sites – let us set up and pour in areas where you can not get good concrete service allowing you to pour efficiently and with competitive pricing for your best concrete solutions.

In order to gain time and value for on-site production. We will need room to stockpile materials, a portable silo, and we will bring a loader to reload the truck. Our trucks are capable of averaging about 60 CY of production per hour of pouring per truck.